Less is More should be the motto before you start to makeup. Exactly! That’s rule number one in makeup: less is more!
I mean, if you’re looking in the mirror at the end of makeup and you notice that the skin looks like a mask, too laden with foundation and powder, or red dots that resemble to grandmother’s cheekbones, or that your lips are drawn like a cubist painter, it means you did overzealous.
For a perfect makeup you need quality products, some important tricks and sense of proportion.

Top 10 fatal makeup mistakes
Credit: womenzoom.com

Here are the 10 fatal make-up mistakes that make you ugly:
1. Cruella’s brows, too thin, too carefully studied. Wake up! Natural eyebrows are now on a roll! If you’ve tortured with tweezers turning them into very thin line, don’t despair, you can hide using pencils and special makeup eyebrow.
2. Wearing evening makeup during the day – the dark colors of the specific evening makeup will look horrible on daytime. Although, apparently, if you like the look of bedroom eyes makeup, it doesn’t quite fit with tired eyes and have a disastrous look in daylight.
3. Black eyeliner creates a too strong contrast on blondes eyes when stalks and shape are desired. Choose instead to complement the color hue iris. Do not use pencil for blue and green eyes – will make your eyes look very cold.
4. Black as the eye can see – eyeliner all over is not a wise choice, unless you want to shock the audience with a gothic look. Khol Pencil is specially designed for the interior of the eye, because it doesn’t irritate the connective tissue and does not redden eyes.
5. Spider gene glued and loaded – note that gene with volume doesn’t mean they must be loaded with half a tube of mascara. Toss the old mascara that you probably forgot you bought, which is full of bacteria and probably very dry. Genes stuck together as a broken and hanging sweater, does not look good.

6. Too much concealer will distort the image and you will get only an ugly, colored and speckled appearance. In fact, very little is enough as long as it’s a complementary hue. I mean, if your dark circles are purple, you’ll be successful covering them with a concealer with a yellow tint.
7. Suckers lips – this is a huge mistake most women who have thin lips make and think through this process will get a look like Angelina Jolie. However, the effect will be the opposite, and your lips will look like a twilight zone, not seducing men.
8. The foundation mask – the effect occurs when you choose too dark or too light mask to your skin. However, this effect can also be achieved on a non-hydrated skin.
9. Concealer excess – you need to know that a pimple does not disappear completely under your concealer. Instead of hiding it by putting a large amount of product, use, like for the dark circles, complementary colors. Apply an ice cube few seconds to calm redness and a little tea tree oil to stop bacterial growth.
10. Fire cheeks – too much color in the cheeks looks artificial, it does not take a scientist to figure out that. For a fresh look, you need actually very little blush. Shake well the brush before applying to face. You put too much? Settle it with face powder.
Credit: womenzoom.com


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