A bunion is a deformity of the great toe characterized by a lateral deviation of it. People usually confuse it with bone growth, but it’s not that, it’s the bones that from wrong shoes or any abnormal pressure applied on the big side of the toe force them to get out from their normal position. If you feel you are starting to form bunions there are a few things you can do to prevent them and if you already have them you will found out here what you can do about them. You can see how a bunion looks, it looks like the leg is deformed, the area is swollen and you can’t use your legs normally because you feel pain.

Causes of bunions:

– wearing wrong shoes for long periods of time;
– inheritance of this foot type, so it might be genetic;
– any other foot injuries.

Prevention of bunions:

– rest your feet more and wear loose shoes (basically try to avoid pressure on them);
– do exercises


– when you start seeing that bunions are forming on your feet the things you can do is to try and prevent making them go worse and try to prevent pain;

– if the bunion is awful and it’s causing huge pain, surgery is required.
– wear comfortable shoes;
– use bunion pads, custom made supports, scotch tape them because all of these things help releasing pressure from the problem area;
– use some felt patches to stick to shoes to prevent rubbing them to the shoe.

Don’t forget that if you feel pain and your bunions look awful go and get professional advice and ask for special treatment!
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