We all want a strong, healthy and stylish hair, don’t we? Here are some tips on how to have and maintain a desirable hair, without spending large sums of money!

10 Amazing Tips for Healthy Hair
Credit: extrabeautytips.com
  1. Keep your hair healthy by avoiding heat curls and do them instead when your hair is still wet.
  2. To prevent tangled hair, avoid washing it circularly.
  3. Brush your hair starting from the end up – that way you would prevent it from breaking and you will also detangle it much easier.
  4. In order to avoid flyaways and breakage, use a t-shirt instead of a towel – it’s softer and it gives your hair a gentler drying.
  5. If you want a cheaper and yet effective hair treatment, use a coconut oil treatment.
  6. In order to restore the missing nutrients, use natural vitamin complex which contains Biotin and vitamins A, B, C and D – these are guaranteed to boost your hair growth by 150%.
  7. When washing, massage your scalp with shampoo and for the ends use the conditioner
  8. If you want a dry shampoo that’s also cheap, baby powder is your answer.
  9. When flyaways happen, tame them off by using a (clean) old mascara brush.
  10. To fix your hairstyle give it a short blow of cool air from your hair-dryer.



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