Whipped Homemade Eczema Cream 

You Will Need: 
– 1/4 Cup Raw Unrefined Shea Butter
– 1/4 Cup Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil
1. Add shea butter and coconut oil to mixing bowl. Mix on low until whipped (about 1-2 minutes).Note: I did have to stop it and use a spatula 2-3 times to get it off of the whisk because it is winter here and the shea butter and coconut oil is hard! 
2. Mix well for 30 seconds.
3. Voila! Done. Now you got your whipped homemade eczema cream, baby! Transfer to a container.
Credit: theeasyhomestead.com
Directions for Use:
Apply to eczema 2-3 times a day.


If you have essential oils on hand you can add all or a combination of these:
10 drops Geranium Essential Oil
10 drops of Patchouli Essential Oil
10 drops Lavender Essential Oil
5 drops Frankincense Essential Oil (OPTIONAL)

Tips on Combatting Eczema:
– Keep the skin moisturized. We use raw shea butter and/or coconut oil in addition to the homemade eczema cream, if needed.
– We try to limit her baths (especially in the winter), but I told ya girl was cray-cray (and gets into everything- and we live on a farm) so sometimes this is hard to do.
– If using commercial dairy products cut them out. If we use raw milk products it tends to keep her eczema at bay. Somethin’ about that raw milk, baby!
– Refrain from using commercial detergents. They are no bueno- for the skin, body, earth, people, animals- you name it! Most are bad bad bad. We make our own 3 ingredient DIY powder laundry detergent because Nanette Lorraine is allergic to every commercial laundry detergent we tried back-in-the-day…not surprising.
If you, your kiddo(s), mama, daddy, cousin, neighbor, animals, sister, brother, etc suffers from eczema- this homemade eczema cream is a MUST TRY (and yes, that requires yelling!).


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