5. Glass Door
Ask Anna has an amazing tip on how to clean glass shower doors. She recommends using amagic eraser to tackle buildup. For easier jobs, pantyhose will do the trick!
6. Dryer Sheets for Bathtub Buildup
We are becoming more and more convinced that dryer sheets are the “fix all.” Not only do they make fixtures and mirrors shine, but they are great for cleaning the tub!
7. Keep Brushes Fresh
Pour a bit of all purpose cleaner in the bottom of your toilet brush holder. The cleaner disinfects the brush, and leaves your bathroom smelling fresh. What could be better?
8. Bathtub Scrub
Scrub your bathtub with a grapefruit dipped in salt. The coarse salt mixed with the acid in the grapefruit will cut through all grime!
9. Clean Your Liner
Clean shower curtain liner stains by throwing it in your washing machine. A run through an ordinary washing cycle will have your curtain looking like new! Say goodbye to mildew!
10. Prevent Rust Stains
Anyone who has ever purchased a can of shaving cream has felt the frustration when lifting it to discover a ring of rust! The Krazy Coupon lady suggested painting the bottom of the can to prevent rust from forming. Genius!

12. Drains
Bathroom drains are straight out of a horror movie. If you are becoming frustrated with a slow flow, it could be time to clean it out! An old mascara wand is great for digging around in there, and pulling things out!
13. Black Tea Can Clean
If you are all about natural cleaning methods, try this idea from The Stir. Brew a really really strong batch of black tea, and use it to clean your mirror. We swear by this! It works great!
14. Hang a Spice Rack
Control the beauty product takeover with this awesome idea. Install a spice rack inside your bathroom. This is the perfect size to store hairspray, perfume, and any other beauty products that are a necessity!
15. Hydrogen Peroxide
This isn’t just for first aid anymore! Turn your bottle of peroxide into a spray bottle. Use it to clean tile grout. Let sit, and then scrub the grout with a toothbrush.
16. Use Your Dishwasher
Use your dishwasher to clean your soap dispenser or tooth brush holder. You would be surprised at the amount of grime that builds up, and you wont have to scrub any dried toothpaste of anything!
17. Magnetic Strip
Hang a magnetic strip behind cabinet doors, or on the inside of a drawer. The magnet strips are a great place to store bobby pins, so you will always have them around when you need them. Now, if we could only find the ones missing in the carpet…
18. Curling Iron
Make your curling iron look new by using a steel wool pad to remove the burnt marks. No more odd smell!
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