My coffee smoothie is my personal secret to a nourished metabolism.
Here’s why:
You see, I feel those little habits we make time for every day are the ones that matter the most.
It’s not about a 30-day detox or a 90-day exercise plan. It’s about those small, consistent behaviors that happen every day. Those are the ones that shape who we are and who we become.
And that’s my coffee smoothie.
My Secret Coffee Smoothie Recipe {High-Protein, Boosts Metabolism, Balanced Meal, Great for Hair, Skin and Nails}

For the last four years, I’ve been eating the same breakfast almost without exception. Let’s say 9 days out of 10, this is how I start my morning.
I’ve perfected the recipe over the years into something that nourishes and replenishes me in every way first thing in the morning.
It’s such a strong habit that I don’t even think about it. I wouldn’t forget it any more than I would forget to shower.
Here’s another benefit:
When you start the day with one healthy habit, for some reason it’s a lot easier to make healthier choices for the rest of the day, too.
What do I love about this coffee smoothie?
Here are just a few things:
  • It’s easy. I confess: I don’t always (like never) feel like cooking breakfast. This takes me about 3 minutes to put together once the coffee is brewed. I usually brew it ahead of time to make it even easier.
  • It’s a balance of carbs, fat and protein. If you’ve read my book The Nourished Metabolism, then you’ve heard this more than a few times: our bodies love it when we give them a balance of all macronutrients. This coffee smoothie puts it all in a neat little package first thing in the morning.
  • It’s easy to digest. My body doesn’t like super heavy food first thing in the morning. This smoothie fills me up, but doesn’t weigh down my digestive system all morning.
  • It packs a nutrition punch. Seriously, this coffee smoothie has just about every nutrient you can think of. I believe in eating food that combines the power of energy and nutrients, and this breakfast does just that.
  • My skin, hair and nails love this drink! Read more about why below.

The Secret Ingredients in My Coffee Smoothie

Here are the main ingredients in my coffee smoothie, and why I use them:


Of course, there is coffee in my coffee smoothie. And while any coffee will do, I like to choose an organic, fair-trade brand that tastes amazing.
What are my favorite choices?
Sometimes I like the milder Vienna roast, and sometimes the dark and robust French roast. It depends on my mood and I tend to alternate back and forth. Continue Reading  >> Page 2


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