When you dye your hair at home you’ll always spit a little hair dye on forehead or ears, which is difficult to remove. Try these easy solutions!

How to remove hair dye stains from skin in just 2 minutes

Before removing dye stains is better to prevent them. You can do this simply by applying a very fat cream on the hairline and ears – where skin stains most often. You can also use Vaseline, a colorless balm or a conditioner. So dye will not stain the skin and can be removed easier.

How to remove dye stains
If you used cream before, then you can try these solutions to remove hair dye stains:
Drip a little olive oil on a cotton swab then wipe the skin until you remove all dye. Do not rub too hard because you can irritate.
Spray a little hairspray on a cotton pad and wipe the stained skin. Attention! This trick works if you erased immediately after dye spread on the skin.
Mix equal parts of baby oil and cleanser and remove hair dye stains with this product. They will clear faster than using only cleanser.


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