Dr Oz Swimsuit Cleanse: Lose Five Pounds In One Week

Dr. Oz has been getting a lot of emails from his fans saying they would do anything to get their bodies ready for bikini season. One woman said she would even give up her husband for six months if she could slim down and look good in her bikini.

Well, Dr. Oz listened to your calls for help. He brought on Dr. Caroline Apovian, author of The Overnight Diet, to discuss how you can lose five pounds in one week by following her swimsuit cleanse.

Dr Oz Swimsuit Cleanse Guidelines & Shrink Drink Recipes to Lose 2 Lbs
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Lose Two Pounds In Your Sleep

Dr. Oz was stunned Dr. Apovian was able to help people lose two pounds in their sleep but she said it is possible if you drink her shrink drinks. By drinking Dr. Apovian’s shrink drinks, you will be drinking all your calories, meaning you feel full while losing water and salt from the body. This also means the pancreas is creating less insulin and you feel great the next day.

Dr Oz Shrink Drink Recipes

On the first day of the swimsuit cleanse, everyone needs to drink one of the smoothies below for each of the three meals during the day. This will give the body a jumpstarted metabolism, help you lose two pounds in your sleep and allow your body to prepare for the final days of the cleanse.

Dr. Apovian said her shrink drink recipes have a lot of protein in them because the protein will keep you feel full longer. When looking for a protein powder for the drinks, Dr. Apovian said to find a powder that has a mixture of whey protein and casein protein. The whey protein will get to the muscle quickly to get them burning fat while the casein protein is absorbed by the body slowly, keeping you full longer.

Dr. Apovian also said the protein in the drinks will help retain muscle mass, adding that every year we age we lose about one percent of the muscle in our body.

For all the recipes below, simply mix all the ingredients in a blender until mixed well.

Dr Oz Banana Latte Recipe

Dr Oz Banana Latte Ingredients:
protein powder
fat-free milk
black coffee
ice cubes

Dr Oz Crispy Apple Smoothie Recipe

Dr Oz Crispy Apple Smoothie Ingredients:
protein powder


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