Colin Mary, the mother of three children managed to lose 2.5 cm in waistline with a unique method. In order to shrink her waist, she mixed 50 ml coconut oil with 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds. After mixing well, she applied this mixture directly on the abdomen, exactly where she had excess fat. After she applied this mixture on the abdomen, she took a plastic wrap and wrapped her abdomen with three layers of foil.
She followed this process in the evening before bedtime, leaving the mixture to “work” overnight.
                                     Look what happens if you wrap your abdomen every night!

She repeated this for 7 days and after she measured the waist size, found that she lost almost 2.5 cm in its size.
The secret of this method is that this mixture makes it possible to burn fat in the area by stimulating perspiration. We all know that the body normally loses water (sweat) especially in certain areas of the body such as the face, armpits and back, areas that are not so affected by fat deposits.

So, using the above method, Mary managed to make the body sweat in abundance in the belly area, managing to burn the excess fat. 


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