1. Push-ups - Works chest, back, arms and shoulders. (If you're a bit weak, start out on your knees and work your way up.)

2. Walking Lunges - Works the entire leg area as well as the buttocks.

3. Squats - Also works the leg and buttocks.

4. Crunches - Works core muscles

This type of circuit exercise builds lean muscle which, in turn, helps speed up your metabolism and burns fat all over your body including the inner thigh area.

Tip #3 - Use Interval Training To Speed Up Fat Loss
Interval training is another great way to speed up your metabolism so your body will burn off that inner thigh fat. By definition, interval training is cardio done at alternating speeds. For example, if you're just starting out you could walk for 2 minutes and jog for 1 minute. If you're a little more conditioned, try jogging for 2 minutes and running as fast as possible for 1 minute. This type of alternating cardio can be done on any type of cardio equipment or outside in the fresh air. You only need 20-30 minutes of interval training 3-4 times per week to produce some amazing fat loss results!

A healthy diet combined with regular physical exercise is all you really need. Learning how to get rid of inner thigh fat isn't a mysterious secret any more


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