Your body can function normally even when kidneys are only functioning at 20% capacity. For this reason, many kidney diseases go unnoticed until they become very serious. In addition, many daily habits affect these organs.

Daily habits that destroy your kidneys

The kidneys are extremely important organs. They produce hormones, they filter our blood, they absorb minerals, they produce urine and maintain a balanced alkaline acid. See what habits to avoid in order to have healthy kidneys.
Drinking soda
A study by Japanese researchers showed that people who drank two or three sodas a day had a higher risk of suffering from kidney disease. Analysis showed that they had a large amount of protein in the urine and proteins are an early sign that the kidney has a problem.

You don’t consume enough vitamin B6
A diet rich in vitamins and minerals is essential for the proper functioning of the kidneys. According to a study by Maryland Medical Center researchers, the lack of vitamin B6 increases the risk of kidney stones. For a good functioning of these organs you should consume 1.3 mg of vitamin B6 daily. You can get this vitamin from fish, beef liver, non-citrus fruit and potatoes.

You lack magnesium
If you do not have enough magnesium in the body, calcium is not absorbed properly and kidney stones occur. You can prevent this problem by consuming green leafy vegetables, beans, seeds and nuts.

Smoking increases the risk of artery sclerosis. According to a study, two cigarettes a day are enough to double the number of endothelial cells and to affect the arteries.

Not practicing sports
Sport protects your kidneys. A study in 2013 showed that women in menopause who don’t practice physical exercise have a 31% higher risk of kidney stones.

Not drinking enough water
The kidneys must be well hydrated to function normally. If you do not drink enough water, toxins accumulate in the blood. Specialists recommended to consume 12 glasses of water per day.


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