Everyone admires ballerinas grace and delicacy, but on the other hand, there are few who know what sacrifices these girls make in order to keep their silhouettes. Below is the ballerinas diet, which can help you lose 1 kg per day.

Ballerinas diet How to lose 1 kg per day

Here’s how the daily menu from the ballerinas diet looks like:
08:00 – unsweetened coffee or sweetened with sugar
10:00 – two boiled eggs
12:00 – a glass of tomato juice (homemade)
14:00 – a slice of bread or toast with 100 g bacon /chicken meat/ turkey meat/ fish
16:00 – 1 apple
18:00 – 100 gr fat-free cheese

Strict regulations for visible results
Besides this very restrictive menu, there are a set of rules that you must follow in this diet:
1. Throughout the diet, which is not recommended to be kept more than 7 days, you should drink at least two liters of water every day. It is also recommended to drink water with half an hour before eating or half an hour after.

2. Soups are independent meals and should be eaten separately from other foods.
3. Never mix different types of protein at one meal (such as fish, meat and dairy products).
4. Nutritionists recommend giving up any sugar and fizzy drinks.
5. Replace salt with soy sauce or other condiments.
6. Use milk with low fat or skimmed milk, and if you drink a glass of milk is recommended to dilute it with water or some ice cubes.
7. The last meal should be three hours before bedtime in order to allow your body to digest the food.


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