Alum is lately one of the most popular homemade recipe ingredient mostly used on health purposes and home remedies. Stop spending money on expensive medical treatments and read our tips! 
Alum is a natural mineral that is found in both ground and surface water, and in the food we eat. Below you can see the most 5 important uses of Alum:

5 Most Popular Uses of Alum Powder

   Cracked Heels Remedy
Alum powder is very useful in treating cracked heels. For this remedy alum is heated in a small empty kadai. When we heat alum, it liquifies and foams. Once all the water evaporates, we are left with a crumbly mixture. Once it cools down, it is powdered and mixed with coconut oil and applied on the legs. The mixture should be ground smoothly, else it will be difficult to apply it on the heels. This remedy gives amazingly good relief, if applied regularly for some time.
    Skin whitening
Alum is used as an ingredient in skin whitening toner. You can easily find on web lots of skin whitening recipes made with alum powder.
Pimples and scars
Alum can be effectively used for treating pimples. A face pack made with egg whites, powdered alum and fullers earth is very effective in treating acne.

    Aftershave for Mens
Alum in rock form is used as an aftershave. If it is rubbed on a freshly shaved face, its astringent property helps to prevent and reduce bleeding in minor cuts and abrasions.
    Permanently Hair Removal
Alum can be effectively used for body hair removal for women. A mixture of alum powder and water or better still rosewater can be applied all over the body. This paste tends to retard the body hair growth over time. Credit:


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